Snippets from alumni – UCBM abroad – Elisabetta Oliva

Having graduated with a degree in Bio-Medical Engineering in 2020, Elisabetta tells us about life and work in the United States at Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

'In 2020, Campus Bio-Medico University gave me the opportunity to do my master's thesis in Boston (USA) at Harvard Medical School and its lab, which is based at Boston Children's Hospital. The objective of the thesis project was to identify a new approach to analysing and interpreting the epileptogenic zone, using machine-learning techniques and statistical studies of the relevant characteristics derived from the profiles of the patients in question. I was able to sit in on meetings between doctors discussing the clinical cases of these patients, allowing me to acquire new engineering and medical knowledge of refractory epilepsy, studying the intracranial signals of 50 patients between 2 and 18 years old. I developed new skills for work, communication and self-management. All the best to all my fellow Campus students looking to embark on a similar experience.'