About UCBM

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

Campus Bio-Medico University (“UCBM”), is a not-for-profit institution, located in Rome, that is centered on the belief of working to unite the spiritual and professional life by serving as a living example of a “human-centered” approach.

UCBM educates scientific and medical leaders to have a profound and lasting impact on people and society which is shown daily in the care they provide at UCBM's medical and hospice facilities.

Areas of Work

For 30+ years UCBM has served as a leader in demonstrating how to effectively integrate science & technology with faith-driven values.


Student at the Center

We promote the development of the whole person, along with superior scientific training, through our faculty's spirit of service, social commitment, and strong technical skills.


Cutting Edge Scientific Research

We promote a "one health approach" by engaging in innovative and interdisciplinary scientific research to create solutions for individuals and society at large.


Patient before the Cure

We believe in the centrality of the patient to have freedom of choice and dignity in their care; thereby promoting the humanization of healthcare.

Snapshot of UCBM Campus

UCBM continues to expand its impact, even during these challenging times, in all areas of its work, including:
Students and postgraduates currently enrolled
of STEM students are women
Research publications
Lab research specialties
Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel on staff
Total hospital beds
Patient satisfaction
Outpatient visits

U.S. Campaign Priorities

Campaign Goals

The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome ("UCBM") aims to advance its innovative educational, research, and healthcare work together with partners around the world. The Biomedical University Foundation is leading the international campaign to build support from donors around the world.
CuBo Student Center

Why Support UCBM?

Your support enables you to demonstrate your beliefs in action by providing vital help to ensure that UCBM can continue to serve as a living example of a Research Institution, University, and Hospital that is committed to a person-centered approach.

Direct and Tangible Results

Supporting one of UCBM’s projects enables the Donor to be actively engaged to provide ideas and input to help shape the project. Donors will have chances to work with the team and visit before, during, and after the project.

Outsized Impact

New donors' support will contribute in a real and material way, to the work of UCBM, as it continues to scale its impact in the years to come.

Transparent Engagement

UCBM will provide regular update reports on the status of the project where your funds are invested and Donors are welcome to visit UCBM, at any time, to see the impact of your support.

Tax Benefits

UCBM works with Donors to ensure the maximum benefits are achieved around tax deductibility of all support including the ability to accept donations of appreciated securities and real assets in both the U.S. and Europe.

Seeing the Work Personally

UCBM welcomes all supporters to personally visit and is planning a once-in-a-lifetime 2023 Donor Weekend to experience the treasures of Rome.


Donor’s generous contributions will be recognized by providing naming of rights, that coincide with the level of support, as a permanent reminder of our gratitude.

The person's centrality, which is at the foundation of your commitment to assistance, but also in teaching and research, helps you to strengthen a united and synergic outlook.

His Holiness, Pope Francis

Remarks about UCBM in a private audience, in October 2021

Campaign Leadership

International Advisory Board

Alessandro Pernigo


Gregorio Baracchi


Giovanni Castellaneta

Former Ambassador

Federica Marchini

Board Member

Marco Sala

CEO DeAgostini Group

Tom Cox

CEO OnPoint Group